Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giving C Credit

This post is all for C. She's helped me tons with my blog... and she wants some credit. SO HERE IT IS HOE :) Thanks for all your help!!!

Stressed :(

Well today is just a stressful day. I'm still not really sure I know how to be a college student! The beginning of the semester I thought I had it all down, I thought I was going to do so well, and it'd be a breeze-like semester. WRONG. Arrrg, I have soo much to do! My homework binge on monday, proved to be nothing more than just another day doing homework. Blah, blah, blah. Tonight I have to revise the paper I wrote, finish my project I began, revise the biology project I finished already, and start making notecards for a test next tuesday. Not to meantion, this test next Tuesday is in my hardest class! I pulled an all-nighter for the first exam, and barely got a C! Not Fair! So hopefully starting almost a week ahead will help me get a better grade. My poor boo is stressed out too! He has just as much work as me, and his "club" on campus seems to be a bit of trouble and he is Vice President, so he has to deal with a lot of it. Poor baby. Hah--this post was all about the complaints! Oops! Sorry... I'll try and be more positive tomorrow! Wish me luck on everything i'm doing tonight!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Oopsies! I have posted in a while! I've been so busy! When i'm at school I just get consumed and totally forget! But I have a little free time today! I'm sitting in my dorm room watching my favorite TV show: FRIENDS! I absolutely love it, I watch it over and over again and I still laugh!

I have so much to do before my little easter break that starts next wednesday! Luckily, I got so much stuff done yesterday... I was on like a power homework binge. I finished a 52-slide biology project, finished a visual arts paper, finished half of visual arts project, AND finished my biology study guide (I have a test friday!).
Friday I have a bio test and my visual arts paper is due. Next Tuesday I have a cognitive psych test (one of the hardest classes to date). Next Wednesday, I have the bio project due, visual arts exam, and a visual arts project! So much to do! Ahhhh, I think i'm doing good with everything though! It seems i'm ahead of schedule due to my homework binge last night!

I'll update sooner this time! :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to School, Back to School

Sorry I haven't been posting daily! It's been a bit busy since i've been back! The trip back to school was easy... my "boo" drove me back and helped me unpack! It was less stressful than expected since he was there with me! Then Monday came. I hate Mondays! I have to work 8am-10:50am and then I have class from 11-11:50am. I have an hour break and then I have class from 1-2:50pm! I have no break to nap... and I love to nap! I also hate Mondays because I never get sleep Sunday night. I think I psych myself out and tell myself I have to sleep because I have to wake up so early and then I never end up sleeping! Every week this happens! Oh well.

Today was good! I didn't have class til 1:30... so I got to sleep in :) I have 2 classes and they both got out early! I also got great news in my 3:00pm class... the test scheduled for March 18th (the day after St. Patricks Day) was moved to March 16th! So now I can go out and have all the fun I want and not worry about a test the next day! woot woot :) Now I have to go and work on homework :( a paper and an article research, and if i'm feeling exceptionally over-achieving... I may even begin to study for that test!

Hope the rest of the day is wonderful!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congrats Lebo!

Yay! I'm soooo happy! both the boys and girls teams won the WPIAL playoffs tonight!!! They were both great games! It brought back high school memories... bittersweet! :)


Last Day of Break!

It's my last day in my hometown! I'm not so excited to get back to school this time around. March is going to be a crazy month! I have 2 projects and 5 tests! I seem to have something to do every week! I'm excited for my last night though! I get to go to dinner with my mom and dad and then downtown to watch my sister cheer on her high school boys and girls basketball teams! They are both in the WPIAL playoffs... girls @ 7 and boys @ 9. Watching my sister cheer is something I really enjoy because I once was a cheerleader... and I loved it!

To prepare for my journey back to Ohio I had to run a bunch of errands today! The usual stuff. I had to go to Walmart and buy all the tolietrees and food I ran out of, stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up some things and had to get some gas in the car for my mom! Now I'm home and have to organize my mess of a room!

I hope I'm doing these posts right!


Friday, March 5, 2010

First Post!

The reason I got this blog is because everyone seems to be doing it! I used the help of my blog-experienced friends C and M! They each have their own blogs that are really neat! C's been blogging for quite some time but M is almost as new as me! I still haven't figured any of the cool blog-y stuff out yet and I need some help! Feel free to lend it! My blog title is absolutely my favorite! The Princess and the Pea. Its perfect! C and M helped me come up with it! I always call people "Princess" and i'm a short little shrimp.. much like a pea! We just kind of stumbled upon it and I l-o-v-e, love it! So thanks to C and M! I'll post some more things as soon as I figure out everything!