Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to School, Back to School

Sorry I haven't been posting daily! It's been a bit busy since i've been back! The trip back to school was easy... my "boo" drove me back and helped me unpack! It was less stressful than expected since he was there with me! Then Monday came. I hate Mondays! I have to work 8am-10:50am and then I have class from 11-11:50am. I have an hour break and then I have class from 1-2:50pm! I have no break to nap... and I love to nap! I also hate Mondays because I never get sleep Sunday night. I think I psych myself out and tell myself I have to sleep because I have to wake up so early and then I never end up sleeping! Every week this happens! Oh well.

Today was good! I didn't have class til 1:30... so I got to sleep in :) I have 2 classes and they both got out early! I also got great news in my 3:00pm class... the test scheduled for March 18th (the day after St. Patricks Day) was moved to March 16th! So now I can go out and have all the fun I want and not worry about a test the next day! woot woot :) Now I have to go and work on homework :( a paper and an article research, and if i'm feeling exceptionally over-achieving... I may even begin to study for that test!

Hope the rest of the day is wonderful!


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